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Your employee's health impacts the rates you pay.
If you can help employees lead healthier lives,
it may benefit you. It will absolutely benefit them.
Employee and dependent health permeates all business costs, not just health care. One Source Advisors can provide health & wellness suggestions as well as offer comprehensive programs that will impact your overall business costs. We’ve designed wellness programs to motivate and excite employees to lead healthier lifestyles.

We want to be your wellness "coaches". Take a look at what we can deliver.

Health & Wellness Communication Calendar

All flights include our Health & Wellness Communication Calendar. The One Source Advisors annual Health & Wellness Communication Calendar is a valuable, interactive resource that gives our clients direct access to health and wellness information with supporting flyers, posters, healthy recipes and payroll stuffers. The calendar follows the National Health Observances, and we’ve leveraged our relationships with the carriers we work with to bring the best information from each to you. Our Wellness & Communication Calendar is a turnkey tool for our clients wellness initiatives that is updated on an annual basis.
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