What Makes One Source Advisors Different?

Proper Planning Provides a Proactive Partnership

Our mission and our passion is to support our client’s employee benefits and HR needs as partners and advocates.  By working together, goals and expectations are met throughout the year – not just at renewal.

One Source Advisors is an integral member of our team, providing creative and aggressive strategic thinking as we drive for a strong health care program for our staff.

Lisa Stein, PresidentRevolutions, Inc.

The entire team at One Source Advisors is always there for us to answer questions and work for the best outcome of our company regardless of whom you speak to. Their knowledge, service and attention to detail are impeccable.

Karen Palivoda, Office ManagerTank Integrity Services, Inc.

I count my blessings because One Source Advisors is unbelievably thorough, creative problem-solvers and proactive. Being excellent business people, they stay current and adapt quickly on behalf of their clients making all of this terribly complex information manageable by thinking ahead and speaking a language that clients can understand.

Dee Mason, PresidentTeam DDS

Unbiased and Independent:

As an independent firm, One Source Advisors is not tied to any one carrier or any one concept. We have the knowledge and deep expertise to help you navigate the impact of healthcare legislation – both State and Federal – on both your company and your employee benefits package.

Maximize Your Investment:

Our team will perform a full needs assessment of your employee benefit program thoroughly analyzing and evaluating all options to provide you with achievable recommendations.  We work tirelessly to ensure the most current information, tools and communication methods are available.

Hidden Markets:

Whether through association plans, alternative carriers, limited distribution or alternatively financed, we know where to find the best rates and benefits for your company.

Employee Benefits

We Solve Your Problems: Our consultative approach provides practical and realistic expectations when reviewing and implementing solutions.  Our goal is to guide you to a benefits program that sets your company apart as the employer of choice.

We Offer Creative Solutions: Creativity leads to cost containment and a program that can be key to the acquisition and retention of talent.
We will guide you.

We Educate and Empower: Educating employees throughout the year enabling them to maximize their benefits saving them time and money while increasing the value of the benefits offered.  In addition, this approach permits your management to focus on other key initiatives for continued business growth.

We Are Accountable: Effective and efficient communication throughout the year enables us to stay on top of issues important to you and as your advocate, assist in your company’s success.


Our service philosophy is simple. It’s summarized in four words; Anticipate, Act, Communicate, Comprehensive

Anticipate: We are proactive, not reactive.  We anticipate your needs and provide answers – before you ask.

Act: We find solutions.  Working as an extension of your HR department, we will recommend the best path to take for resolution – period.

Communicate: We make the complex simple.  We turn the complex world of benefits into simple, understandable communications – we are at your side.

Comprehend: We have the knowledge you need.  Our wide scope of employee benefits experience and contacts helps you make sense of the alphabet soup in determining which may be right for you.

Administrative Ease

We add resources to your team without adding head count to your costs

Claims Service: Shortened turnaround time is a priority. Success means the employee or provider has been paid. Period!

Renewal Options: Your renewal package from us will not only include alternatives from your current carrier, it will include all competitive options since we preemptively shop the market on your behalf every year. Our success is in finding markets you haven’t considered in the past.

Communication: Key component in making any benefit program successful from the top down. And, throughout the year – not just at renewal. Whatever your needs, we offer solutions. Regular communications with summarized pertinent information is our focus.

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Preferred Vendor Status

One Source Advisors is the exclusively selected preferred vendor for The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association. Why One Source Advisors? We’ve helped develop the benefit plans, rates, and product offerings that benefit Ohio’s manufacturing industry. We have specialized expertise.. and that expertise directly benefits you.

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