Wellness Programs Yield Healthier Employees

Why wellness?  In our opinion, and given the state of health care with its continuous rising costs, you can’t afford not to have a wellness program in place.

Employee and dependent health permeates all business costs, not just health insurance. There is a direct correlation between health and absenteeism, disability claims, turnover and productivity.

Offering a valuable wellness program that provides solutions, promotes a culture of health and helps employees change lifestyle behavior, is a sound business strategy.  Programs that improve the health and productivity of your employees not only effect your bottom line, they can send a loud message of “I Care”.

One Source Advisers has a Wellness Team that has developed a suite of wellness programs and topics to choose from.  But the best part is, we help you evaluate your company’s specific needs and work with you to customize a wellness program that fits your budget and your company’s goals.  Health and Wellness is not a “one size fits all” and at One Source, we find the fit that is right for you.

Don’t think you must be a BIG company to have a Wellness Program.  Every employee is important.

Our modules can fit any company size.

We also have partnerships with top-rated Wellness Vendors that can be incorporated into your wellness offerings.  They can help track results and offer additional programming such as health assessments and screenings, access to dieticians, behavior change classes (i.e., smoking cessation, weight loss), on-site vending machine evaluation and much more.

One Source Advisors’ Wellness Programs are: Practical, Accessible, Comprehensive, Integrated and Results-Oriented


Go ahead, put on your sneakers, and take that first step toward implementing a Wellness Program for your company by contacting the One Source Advisors Wellness Team.

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